106 Year Old Woman Thrives on Quilting Business – Everyone should see this

MAPLETON, North Dakota (WDAY) – Myrtle Farrell, a 106-year-old North Dakota woman, thrives on making quilts. She says it is a work-ethic instilled in her by her farming parents.

“I have to have them pressed them this way. If I was sewing from this end, then I would be running into these seams you see.”

Myrtle may be the oldest business woman in North Dakota.

“Quilt for a girl. For a baby girl.”

Myrtle married during the depression.

“That’s when I got married. Couldn’t afford a fancy dress either, practically wore what we had.”

She has lived in Cass County her whole life. She even remembers Civil War veterans in town. Teddy Roosevelt was president when she was born.

Since she was too young to move into a nursing home, she recently moved in with her longtime neighbors, where everyday, she cuts, stitches, and makes baby quilts for hundreds.

“This is it. For a crib size. For a baby’s crib.”

“I think it is her lifestyle, she grew up on a small farm, her parents rented and worked hard for a living, it’s important for her to be productive,” said Jean Madsen, roomate.

She is a capitalist through and through, and when she heard a reporter was coming to do a story on her today, she said.

“She told me this morning, well if he wants a quilt, he will have to buy it, I am not giving him one,” added Madsen.

She has made 300 quilts the last three years alone, all tagged with her name. Her mind is sharp, hands worn from work, but the quilt-making goes on. She has more to do before turning 107 later this year.

“She likes to be busy,” said Madsen.

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