11 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners and Pros – Step By Step Tutorials

Starting something from scratch can be overwhelming and may be tiring. Sewing is easy to start after understanding the basics. But many people who learn without a trainer can get confused from what type of projects they should start. In order to help those learners here are some easy techniques and projects to start.

1-How To Sew A Button
2-How To Sew A Flat Button
3-How To Sew A Shank Button
4-How To Sew A Button On Pants
5-How To Sew A Bow Tie

6-How To Sew A Pillow
7-How To Sew A Pillowcase
8-How To Sew A Quilt
9-How To Sew A Zipper
10-How To Sew A Skirt
11-How To Sew A Dress

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