14 How to Make Lingerie Tutorials: How to Make Underwear + How to Sew a Bra

Sure, learning how to make underwear or how to make your own lingerie might sound like a weird concept, but it is actually one of the best DIY decisions you will ever make. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with buying lingerie and underwear at the store. Much like all other store-bought clothing, vanity sizing and confusing numbers can really make it hard to find something that fits comfortably. Unfortunately, ill-fitting undergarments are even more uncomfortable than those too-small pants or too-big tees, because they’re generally much tighter and hug your body.

Plus, store-bought clothing is insanely expensive! There is no reason to buy undies that don’t fit and cost far too much when you can make your own underwear. This tell-all guide to sewing lingerie is going to change your life. Keep reading 14 How to Make Lingerie: How to Make Underwear + How to Sew a Bra.

How to Make Underwear
How to Sew a Bra
How to Make Your Own Lingerie: DIY Tank Tops, Camisoles, and More
30 Minute DIY Undies
DIY Lace Undies – We love lace!
Undergarment Made from Shirt
Perfect Fit Underwear
Lacy DIY Lingerie
Life-Saving Built-In Backless Bra
Bra to Dress Transformation
Insanely Comfy Nursing Bra

How to Resize a Bra – Insanely useful!
Camisole Tank Top Pattern
Basic Knit DIY Tank Top
Oh La La Tank Top
Cleavage Cover
How to Wash Lingerie Safely

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