15 Things Home Sewers Can Learn From Industrial Sewing MORE 62 Sewing Tricks That you Should Know

Today, we have a very special guest post from local sewing legend, Sharon Blair. Sharon runs Portland Sewing, where she and her faculty teach a wide range of classes including industrial techniques. I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon recently and asked her to fill us in on some tips home sewers can take away from industry practices.
Cut your pattern to the cutting line. Press it flat.

Don’t pin the pattern to the fabric. Instead, hold the pattern down on the fabric with weights.
Block your work. Fit and alter your pattern. Collect everything you’ll need to sew the garment: Zippers, thread, buttons. Put these notions in a bag.
Cut and mark pieces all at once. Fuse a piece of fabric large enough for all your interfaced pieces then cut those.

Tie all the pieces together in a bundle with the pattern and bag of notions.
Sew continuously. Butt pieces end to end and stitch from one seam to another. Cut them apart when you get to the pressing station.
Check out the tutorial HERE


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Check out the tutorial HERE