26 Crochet Techniques to Learn – You Need to Know

Here is a list of 25 crochet techniques to learn to help jumpstart your crochet creativity. Some of them are specific techniques for traditional crochet and others are variations on traditional crochet. I’ve included seom information on getting started with learning each of these things.

1. Crochet in the round
2. Crochet in front loop only and / or back loop only
3. Working with two colors at once
4. Making crochet motifs
5. Joining squares to create an afghan

6. Broomstick lace crochet
7. Filet crochet
8. Hairpin lace crochet
9. Irish lace
10. Bead crochet and / or wire crochet for jewelry making

11. Cro-tat
12. Double-ended hook crochet (Cro-hooking)
13. Aran crochet (or making crochet cables)
14. Tunisian crochet
15. Mosaic crochet
16. Overlay crochet
And much more…

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