32 Sewing Special Videos whit Threads Essential Techiniques you Need to Learn

Much like properly finishing your seams, a well-executed hem gives your garment a professional finish. The right hem for your garment does depend some on the type of fabric and the style of garment.

It’s worth it to familiarize yourself with the different types of hems so that you can pick the best one for your garment.

How to Straighten a Fabric’s Grain
How to Make Pleated Trim from Petersham
How to Shape Petersham Ribbon to a Curve
How to Thread a Twin Needle
How to use a Tailor’s Board
How to Fold Knife and Box Pleats
How to Repair a Stray Snip
Sew a Hand-rolled Hem

Create Topstitching with Running Stitches
How to Sew Lace Seams
Sew a Welt Opening
How to Sew and Install a Sleeve Head
How to Make Thread Bars and Chains
Add Sparkle to Knits
How to Sew Knits
Meet Silamide Thread
How to Sew a Figure-eight Stitch
Sew Perfect Collar Points
How to Bind a Sheer Edge
And Much More…

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