40+ Best Tips For Sewing Lace Like a Pro that You Must Know

Pre-wash: usually lace comes heavily glued: this is done in factories to make it up and look good. Always better pre-wash it (and, maybe, let it soak in water for a while, before you rinse it) to get rid of all those chemicals…and make it softer! If you feel like it’s hard to keep it in place while sewing, you can spray starch it like you would do if you were sewing rebel knits.

Pre-Iron: this goes hand-in-hand with the previous one: before you start laying out your sewing pattern above your fabric (lace, sheer or anything else), give it a good ironing to start with a wrinkle-substrate!

Iron settings: check your fabric fiber content! Your lace or sheer will be almost certainly made with polyester or nylon… be gentle with heat (avoid steam! ) and use a silk organza pressing cloth above your iron to save your precious fabric from becoming shiny.

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