Hot Tip to Sewing: How to apply Lamifix correctly

How to apply Lamifix

1 – Select your cotton fabric and cut to size. Steam press so it is completely crease-free and leave to cool. Place onto your ironing surface and lay a same-sized sheet of Lamifix on top, glossy side up. Ensure there is no fluff or fibres between the two layers and smooth over the top to remove any air pockets.

2 – Carefully lay another piece of cotton fabric over the top of the Lamifix before slowly ironing the sandwich with a wool/cotton heat and no steam. Work methodically from side to side. Remove the top layer of fabric to check the film has adhered to the patterned material without air bubbles or creases. At this point the Lamifix can still be peeled away from the surface and repositioned if necessary.

3 – Once you are happy that the film will bond successfully, recover the Lamifix, set the iron to a higher heat with no steam and press again. Allow the iron to move slowly across the surface so that each area has heat for around eight seconds. Leave the bonded film and fabric to cool completely before using.


More information: Lamifix
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I have had a little experiment with the lamifix as I felt the literally translated from german to english instructions were very fuzzy.
(and I was right…I made the errors so you don’t need too!!)

Lamifix enables you to make your own oilcloth type is not washable and cannot be submerged in water, however it can be wiped clean and is splashproof.
It is 44cm wide and is sold by the half metre.

In order to attach it to your fabric you simply need an iron.

First of all make sure your fabric is smooth.
Set the iron to the wool (2 dot setting) – I did actually use a higher setting once I had fused it, but I popped a cloth over.

Place the lamifix on your fabric with the shiny side facing you…using the iron smooth the lamifix over your fabric.
**You don’t neeed to use a cloth but if you are not confident you have the right side facing up (can be ambiguous in the wrong light!!) then test a corner.**

Gently iron across.
Next turn the iron up to cotton setting and use a cloth over the fabric and lamifix while you use more pressure and leave for up to 5 secs in each spot to ensure fused.
Et Voila…oilcloth!!
(I used the glossy lamifix, matt will be available too)
Make whatever your heart desires….
But how about……
Use it on the wrong side of fabric to make sponge bags with a wipe clean lining.
Book Bags
Make place mats for your garden table.
Pencil Cases
Swim Bags

I don’t enjoy sewing oilcloth..but fabric fused to lamifix doesn’t need a teflon foot on your machine, and the ordinary machine needle went through effortlessly, so I will definately be making more ‘oilcloth’.
Placemats for the boys will be my first project…..
It was quite tricky to get a picture to demonstrate!!