Improved Technique that Nobody Revelas How to Make a Buttonhole on Your Sewing Machine

Most of us understand how to sew on a button. If not, we have tutorials on sewing them on by hand as well as by machine. Pretty darn easy either way, and not scary at all. But buttonholes are a whole different matter. At the end of your project, after you’ve put in so much work, it’s time to put in the buttonholes.

You should be happy you’re almost done. But for many of us, beads of sweat start to form across our brows and we wonder, “Am I about to ruin everything by botching the buttonholes?” Well, you can stop sweating, because it’s really not that hard once you break it down into individual steps.

We’ve put together complete instructions on how to put in a buttonhole for both automatic and basic sewing machines. From marking where it goes, to hiding that final thread tail, we’ve got you covered. Stop sweating and start reading.

As Janome is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor here at Sew4Home, we are using their machines (the top-of-the-line Horizon Memory Craft 15000 and the entry level MyStyle 100 mechanical) for our buttonhole demonstrations.

What you’ll need to sew a buttonhole
Sewing machine
Buttonhole foot
Practice fabric or a project that needs a buttonhole
Button of choice
Fabric marking pen
Thread in color to match or contrast with fabric
Small, sharp scissors or seam ripper
Straight pins
Hand sewing needles

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