Sew Skillful: 10 Sewing Skills and Techniques to Master

Looking to take your sewing up a notch? Here are ten quick and easy techniques you can master to make sewing perfect garments a breeze.

1. Know how to press (and do it often)
Although both involve an iron, pressing is different from ironing. When you iron, you are gliding the iron back and forth over the fabric or garment. When you press, you are placing the iron on the fabric or garment, leaving it there for a few seconds, and then removing. Ironing can actually distort fibers, which is why it’s important to press rather than iron when sewing. Pressing helps to set and blend stitches and helps you get nice, crisp seams. Press often! (Of course, make sure you are following proper care instructions for your fabric.)

2. Staystitching
3. Clipping corners and curves
4. Seam finishes
5. Hems
6. Using a rotary cutter
7. Fussy cutting
8. Bar tacks
9. Dog ear pockets
10. Calculating yardage for custom bias
And Much More…

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