Here are the top 10 tips for Sewing with Silk Fabric you Must Know

Nothing is more luxurious than clothing made of silk fabric. For any garment sewer, it is the ultimate fabric to work with and almost guarantees compliments. But, sewing with silk often comes with its fair share of challenges.

Knowing what they are up front and learning how to deal with them will help make sure the end result is worth both the investment and effort.

1. Avoid water marks by prewashing.
2. Use weights and a rotary cutter.
3. Test fabric pens.
4. Avoid permanent marks from pins and needles.
5. Use the right pins and needles.

6. Test your machine.
7. Press carefully.
8. Stray from the fray.
9. Sew seams carefully.
10. Be patient and plan ahead.

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